Conquering Your Professional New Year’s Resolution

2020 Resolution

The New Year is often looked at as a blank canvas and brings hope of change in all of us. Therefore, we make New Year’s resolutions. This year, look at where you’re at in your career and decide where you want to be. As we countdown to 2019, here are some goals to make for the year.

Top 5 Tips to Reach Your Career Goals in 2019

1. Stay in touch – with clients, vendors and colleagues

One of the most important factors of success in event planning (and most careers) is networking. Whether it is connecting with clients, vendors or other planners, this is how your business will grow.

One of the most important relationships you will have in the event planning industry is with your clients. It’s easier to retain clients than it is to find new ones. Retaining clients also gives you more credibility.

When the event you planned for a client is over, your communication with them shouldn’t end. While you shouldn’t hassle your clients, communicating with them after their event will ensure that they remember your service and keep you in mind for their next event.

Sending them an email or calling them to thank them for choosing your company is a subtle and effective way to do this.

2. Make sleep and a healthy diet a priority

This may seem like a typical New Year’s resolution, but a Harvard research study found that for the average working professional, lack of sleep and insomnia leads to the loss of 11.3 days’ worth of work. Avoid staying up late as much as possible. It’s a drain on productivity and on your motivation. By keeping up with a healthy sleep pattern, you will be more productive while working.

Many people correlate healthy nutrition with weight loss or health in general, but most people don’t connect it with productivity at work. Another study showed that employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to report having a loss in productivity.

Simple changes to your diet that will help promote productivity:

●  Meal Prep – on your days off, prepare your meals for the week. This will not only help you have a healthier diet, but it will save you more time during the work week.

●  Choose Healthy Snacks – substitute your snacks with healthful alternatives. An example would be to swap a vending machine candy bar for a piece of fruit.

These small changes will have a major impact on your job performance and how you feel.

3. Utilize social media to promote your business

One task that many professionals put on the bottom of their to-do lists is promoting their business. It’s common for people to be so consumed by their clients’ needs that they neglect their own company’s marketing and promotion.

Social media is a great tool to reach potential new clients. Statistics show that adults that are 18-34 years old are most likely follow a brand via social networking. Build your clientele with a content plan that:

●  promotes projects your company has completed

●  shows your company’s culture

●  features relevant content to your field (and audience)

Creating a monthly, quarterly or yearly social media plan is a time-and-cost-effective way to promote your company. Scheduling posts ahead of time not only ensures that you are consistently present on social media, but it lets you spend more time with existing clients.

4. Join a professional club or organization

Almost every job field has a professional organization associated with it. Joining one of these can be very beneficial for networking and learning. Building connections will help boost your credibility and will give you a community for advice when you need it.

Benefits of joining and getting active in professional organizations:

●  Stay aware of the trends, research, innovations and technology occuring in your field

●  Exclusive access to member-only resources (depending on the association)

●  First look at what your competitors are doing and any upcoming events you could potentially help with

5. Ask clients more questions

It’s important for every client to have an excellent experience with your company. This experience determines if they will use your company again and recommend it to other people. Asking questions can help you determine if you’re giving clients the best service possible.

While you are working with a client, ask about their deadlines and what they expect from you. Keep the lines of communication open and help guide their expectations to what’s realistic for you.

After you have finished their project, send a satisfaction survey. Results will help determine if changes need to be made when working with future clients.

These tips are only a few ways to meet your professional goals in 2019. MJ Executive Consulting can help your company by identifying and defining your company’s vision, mission and goals – and create a plan to ensure that you reach those goals. Contact us today for a free consultation about how we can help make 2019 your best year yet.