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As an experienced professional coach, I help female small business owners who are considering selling, retiring or just spending more time doing what they love, whether it is a year from now or many years in the future.  We work together to create a plan to help you get where you want to be from where you are now and move you to a place of power by providing the tools and support you need. That way you can profitably sell, retire or just free up time to do what you love without having to worry about being able to sustain the energy needed to work hard enough or long enough to reach your goals.  

Why do you need MJ as your small business coach?

I know many small business owners struggle with working all the time and don’t see a way out of their current status.  Like me you went into business to be your own boss but had no idea how many hats you’d need as an owner.  It was a lot more doing things that weren’t “fun” and a lot less of doing what I loved in the first place.   I was challenged by relationship and quality of life issues because it seems like there was NEVER enough time in the day for everything. I was frustrated with the business being so dependent on me and felt like I had to manage every aspect to make sure things were done correctly.      

It was frustrating to never be able to go on vacation and “turn it all off.”   I felt like I couldn’t even take a weekend off without checking my email or phone.   I needed an experienced business person to take an objective look at different aspects of my business and help me identify goals and priorities so I could sell and retire before I was 80 years old.    

I had no idea that there are 8 different aspects to a business and a way to take it from ground floor to stability to sustainability and even making it profitable to sell when I was ready.  I really needed an objective ally who had the experience and tools to help take me where I wanted to be instead of just surviving. 

After working what seemed like 24/7 for many years, I was unable to sell my business because it was so dependent on me.   I chose to retire from association management in 2017 to focus on coaching and consulting with other women. I want to share my experience in a way to help others avoid my mistakes and help support others in their journey as female small business owners. I am the coach I needed and hope to be there for you. 

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