Live Workshops

Turn your vision and hopes into reality with our highly interactive workshops. Reach newer, and higher levels of success as a business owner through the energy of the team. Engaging activities and lively, on-point (and candid) discussions around new tools and applications help to shape the actions you need to AND will take to elevate your business.

Our workshops are strategically crafted to get to the point. We understand that business owners looking to gain more freedom cannot spend their precious free time in a meeting. Our workshops are purposeful, informative, and transformational. We pack a lot in a little time.

We are laser-focused on helping female small business owners. We have an exciting library of workshop topics, but we hope our clients will contribute their ideas to strengthen the collection of activities meant to reach their goals. These workshops are designed, crafted, and offered for the benefit of women who want a better way. This is YOUR workshop, you are invited to be part of the continuous improvement.

Workshops are now offered in person or virtually. The virtual aspect allows us to respect each individual’s personal interests and serves to increase our reach to be with those desperately seeking more freedom and control, but are at a distance, geographically.

We welcome any recommendations on topics or delivery times.

Welcome to the team!

Please don't hesitate to call us at 918-261-8951 or contact us with any questions.