My Process

My Coaching Method

Winning the small business game requires intelligence, clarity, resourcefulness, consistent action, constant adjustment and a lot of help.  I couldn’t do it alone and so I would like offer my help to hopefully help you avoid the mistakes I made and avoid some of the lessons I learned the hard way.  I use a unique step-by-step methodology to help female small business owners get from where you are now to where you want to go.

1. Assessment

We go through the 8 aspects of your business together to see where your strengths, weaknesses and gaps are. This assessment helps me to get to know my clients and their companies on a deeper level. The aspects that are thoroughly assessed are Leadership, Direction, Money, Brand, People/Accountability, Operations, Sales, and Marketing.

2. Strategic Planning Session

Once we have gone through the assessment together the next step is a 4-hour strategic planning session.   This is where we will look at your short-and-long term goals, see where to prioritize your energy and, together, create a 90-day plan of action.

3. Weekly Activities & Check-ins

Once we have your 90-day plan created, I provide various activities, worksheets, reading assignments and referrals to experts to guide you through. For the next 12 weeks, we meet weekly to review your activities and can change and adapt as needed to meet your goals.

4. Why 90 days?

The 90-day time period allows us to see how well we work together and to see if we want to create additional action plans.    Most clients sign up for one and two year-long additional coaching sessions after the initial 90 days to help get their business to an even higher level.  That is a conversation we can have after your needs and first round of goals are met to your satisfaction.

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