One on One Small Business Consulting

Few people, if any, truly reach the professional summit on their own. In fact, entrepreneurs of all industries and all levels of success can often point to pivotal moments and critical relationships with mentors who helped them to navigate the ladder of success and sustainment. With small business owners, especially women-owned business, it’s a bit different…it’s personal and intimate. Their businesses are not just the product or service, it’s the people and the close relationships nurtured and established over time.

I, MJ Ross, get it. I was, and am, still there. I am right there with you. I am as interested in your success as you are. To me it’s about the people and the relationships. It’s personal. In fact, I feel that I can better serve our clients if you are better positioned to succeed with our personalized, One on One small business consulting.

"Mary Jo is the consummate professional who can assist you in your business and organizational endeavors with a dynamic and thoughtful approach. She is easy to work with and produces a positive outcome for her clients mission and vision. It has been my pleasure to work with her over the years."

Angela Ladner
Changing History Promotions

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Jo Ross on a number of initiatives. Mary Jo is competent, conscientious, focused and compassionate. These strengths, along with her experience as an entrepreneur, make her an ideal choice for helping you find your way through the challenges of owning your own business, while leading a fun, balanced and energizing life."

Pat Troy, CAE
President, Next Wave Group, LLC

As you can imagine, this level of One on One small business consulting is intimate. With me, you have that catalyst to your business, your private advisor, your executive-level partner chartered, and committed to steer you right and clear the path ahead. Because this is the high water mark of consulting, the ideal client meant for this level of support must meet some tight criteria:

Woman small business owner with at least 2 employees, and/or some work outsourced, who has also been in business at least 3 years.

One on One small business consulting is an investment meant for only serious business owners.

Whether your need is immediate or you need a long term strategy, One on One small business consulting may be your best solution. You may just want help solving a problem in the short-term, or you may want a comprehensive look at all the aspects of your business, discover strengths and gaps, and create a new focus and goals to make that change.

I am here to work with you and be the bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Let me warn you of the pitfalls and share lessons I learned along the way to make your trip less perilous.

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