Small Business Consulting For Women: You Have Options

Small business consulting for women helps you to streamline and plan in several ways that help your business run smoothly without you there. My name is MJ Ross, and I want to help you find your freedom and reach your fullest potential through any or all of my consulting services. 


One On One Small Business Consulting For Women

One on One small business consulting is intimate. With me, you have that catalyst to your business, your private advisor, your executive-level partner chartered and committed to steer you right and clear the path ahead. 


Whether your need is immediate or you need a long-term strategy, One on One small business consulting for women may be your best solution. You may just want help solving a problem in the short-term, or you may want a comprehensive look at all the aspects of your business, discover strengths and gaps, and create a new focus and goals to make that change.


Live Workshops

Turn your vision and hopes into reality with our highly interactive workshops. Reach newer, and higher levels of success as a business owner through the energy of the team. Engaging activities and lively, on-point (and candid) discussions around new tools and applications help to shape the actions you need to AND will take to elevate your business.


Our workshops are strategically crafted to get to the point. We understand that business owners looking to gain more freedom cannot spend their precious free time in a meeting. Our workshops are purposeful, informative, and transformational. We pack a lot in a little time.


Mastermind Groups

“Two heads are better than one” is a common saying. “Two ‘minds’ are always better than one,” is our philosophy. Our active and energized Mastermind groups give you assurances that you are not alone at the top.


You have an engaged and interested team of business leaders in the trenches with you. These are people at the same level as you, ready to talk to about staffing, growth, structure, and other issues. It’s important for participants to have a safe place where it’s ‘ok’ to be vulnerable and our confidentiality agreements add to that assured privacy.


Find Your Niche

Doing the work of identifying your ideal client makes it much easier to focus your business, as well as your sales and marketing efforts, to reach that client. When your focus is narrow enough, and your products or services are a unique match, you will find yourself reaching and exceeding the goals of you and your team.


I can help you clearly define your ideal client and then match you to the best experts for you and your marketing efforts.



Focusing on business operations can be the difference between operating a profitable business and one that is teetering in the ‘red.’ Operations consulting includes creating an organizational chart, job descriptions, policies and procedures, asset management, record keeping, and risk management. 


A small business operations consultant is valuable for this because it is easier for an outsider to identify areas of need as well as strengths, while everyone is able to keep to their regular duties and tasks.


Succession Planning

If you are able to step away from your business for a short or extended time without concern, you are in a very small minority. The truth is, very few small business owners have given much thought to succession planning; and even fewer yet have actually put together a plan.


Small business succession planning is vital to sustaining the success of an organization. It is important in the tragic event that an illness or injury takes the owner/operator out of the business. Or, in a more positive scenario, when the owner wants to ‘pass the torch to a well-trained and capable subordinate.


Small Business Consulting For Women Is My Passion

With me, you have an advisor committed to clearing your path and steering your organization in the right direction. My heart really connects to a female small business owner with at least 2 employees or contractors, whose businesses have been around for at least 3 years and who hasn’t had the time to think about a succession plan. 


If insight from someone who has been there and done that would help move your business away from “too little time and too much to do” plate spinning, then I invite you to contact me today!


Small business consulting for women helps you to streamline and plan in several ways that help your business run smoothly without you there.

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Small business consulting for women helps you to streamline and plan in several ways that help your business run smoothly without you there.