Small Business Niche Consultant Helps You Find Your Market

As a small business niche consultant, I help my clients identify and understand their ideal customers. All too many small business owners believe that their target market is anyone with money, or worse, don’t understand the need for targeted marketing. I know because I was one of them.

At one point I signed a contract for a year of social media services at a high monthly cost, and in the end, I didn’t have a single new client to show for it. I now know that was because I was trying to advertise to the entire world. 

I was offering the same services as hundreds of others to all the same people they were. There was simply too much competition and nothing to distinguish my company from the rest. If I had hired a small business niche consultant, they could have helped me define what was uniquely valuable about my business and our services as well as our ideal clientele. 

What Color Is Your Ocean?

In marketing, you sometimes hear the terms “red ocean” and “blue ocean.” Red Ocean is a situation where you have a product offering that is similar to many others in the marketplace. Because you are all in the same basic market and competing for the same customer, you likely have a high-pressure “hustling” mentality in your sales department by necessity. Competition often brings out the ugly side of people and metaphorically turns the ocean red.

Blue Ocean is when there is a marketplace with only a few unique products or services, and you are speaking directly to your ideal client. You understand and speak their language. You know their challenges and the problems they are looking to solve. They believe your marketing efforts speak directly to them and you will provide exactly what they need. When this is done well, there is little to no competition for their dollars.

How A Small Business Niche Consultant Can Help

For your sales to swim in a Blue Ocean, you must first identify your ideal client. You need to learn everything about that person, not just general basics. Who are they? Where are they? What are they?  You need to know their demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as where they hang out, where they look for information, their hobbies and interests, and more. There is a long list of things you need to learn about your ideal client that a small business niche consultant can help you define.

Once you have fully fleshed out your ideal client, it becomes much easier to focus not only your sales and marketing efforts but your entire business strategy to reach them. When you narrow your focus enough to make your products or services a unique match, you set your company and your team up to start meeting and exceeding goals.

I am MJ Ross, and my passion is helping women small business owners reach their full potential. I can help you clearly define your ideal client and then match you to the best experts for you and your marketing efforts.

Contact me by message, give me a call at 918-261-8951 or schedule a consultation today, and let’s find your niche.

As a small business niche consultant, I help my clients identify and understand their ideal customers.

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As a small business niche consultant, I help my clients identify and understand their ideal customers.