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Tired of spending marketing dollars on advertising that isn’t providing any income? Not sure who your “target” audience is or what that has to do with anything? Believe your ideal customer is anyone who has money to spend on your product or service? As a small business niche consultant, MJ Ross, can help you find the answers to those questions and more.

After paying a large amount per month for a year for social media services, I had nothing to show for it as far as new clients. Now that I look back, it was because I was advertising to the world. It was like trying to sell a pen, just like the other hundreds or thousands of pens produced each year, to the same general market. There was too much competition. I did not have a defined, unique product or niche service. It was also too me-focused and did not demonstrate the value I could provide.

You’ve probably heard of Red Ocean/Blue Ocean when it comes to marketing.

If not, Red Ocean describes what it is like to have a product offering similar to a bunch of others in the marketplace, for example, an automobile. Other dealerships and private sellers are in the same basic market and competing for the same customer, so where should someone spend their money? Automobile salespeople are stereotypically in an industry that requires a lot of ‘hustle.’ Competition can bring out the ugly side of people and metaphorically turn the ocean red.

Blue Ocean is where there is a marketplace with only a few unique products or services, where you are speaking directly to your ideal client. You know their language as well as the pain points and the solutions for which they are looking. They believe you are speaking directly to them and providing exactly what they need. If done correctly, there is little to no competition for their dollars.

For your sales and marketing efforts to get to a Blue Ocean position, you must identify your ideal client. You need to know everything about that person, not just the basics.  Who are they? Where are they? What are they?  You need to know their demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as where they hang out, how they get information, hobbies, etc. There is a long list of items you need to figure out to be specific enough about your ideal client that a small business niche consultant can help you define. You need to know what they want and what they really need.

Defining Your Ideal Client

Once you’ve done that work you will find it much easier to focus your business, as well as your sales and marketing efforts, to reach that client. When your focus is narrow enough, and your products or services are a unique match, you will find yourself reaching and exceeding the goals of you and your team.

We can help you clearly define your ideal client and then match you to the best experts for you and your marketing efforts.

Contact me by message, give me a call at 918-261-8951or schedule a consultation with MJ Ross today to discuss how my experience as small business niche consultant can help you.

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