Welcome to My New Website!

I love the bluebird which connotes happiness and joy, but also symbolizes transition, love and admiration. You may have seen it on my LinkedIn and Facebook posts. This is a point in time in my life where I am finally happy and joyful. I’m no longer traveling 26 weekends a year (3 years in a row!) and answering to 6 boards of directors. I’m not working 24/7 (or at least thinking about work) like I did for many years. I’ve found a life balance and my identity is no longer defined by my career. I want my clients to feel happy after going through a transition from working IN your business to ON your small business.

The eucalyptus branch symbolizes leadership, strength and focus. I am an experienced leader who can help you grow your business and yourself in the process. I will also help you stay focused on your priorities, strategies, goals and actions once we’ve identified them. 

I had my logo updated to the bluebird on the eucalyptus branch after going through a big transition in my life. I’d had a business for 10 years, was executive director of 6 nonprofits at a time for 14 years and was burned out mentally and physically. Since I didn’t have an exit plan I had to close my business, rather than sell it, because it was too dependent on me.

After some R&R time, I decided to learn all about business. I’d never had a business class in my life when I started my management company, so it was about time for that to change. I went through intensive coach training with Gareth Raynor at Level 6 Small Business Transformation where I learned the 8 aspects of business and what all is involved. I’ve also had several long-term consulting clients.

I mentor for SCORE, helping clients starting nonprofits or businesses with their business plans, and helping other clients take their businesses or nonprofits to the next level.  However, my heart lies with those women who’ve had a small business for at least a few years, have some part-time or full-time staff working with them, and who don’t have an exit plan. When I wanted to pivot my business, I did not know that there were consultants and coaches who could’ve helped me in the process. I am the person I needed about 8 years ago.

Let me be the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be. That way you can skip some of the trials and lessons I learned along the way.

I’m very excited to share my new website, https://mjexeconsulting.com, and offer new services.

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